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Cage Laying Helps People Out Of Poverty
Nov 21, 2018

Walking to the village entrance, Liu Weixin, the mayor of the lunar Hill chicken farm, is calling a chicken for a customer who buys chicken outside. After the busy work, the reporter chatted with him about the story of raising chickens.

Liu Weixin, 36, was 15 years old when he went down to Shenzhen to help in a friend's shop. Two years later, he opened his own business and became more prosperous. In the twinkling of an eye, over 10 years ago, he was homesick. At the end of 2013, he returned to the hometown he dreamed of with the accumulation of Shenzhen.

In addition to the new houses built by several wealthy families in the village, the mountain is still the mountain and the water is the stream. Most of the laborers go out to work. Only the old and the children are guarding the soil and water.

What do you want to do to make peace with your family? Liu Weixin pondered for several nights. He remembered that most broilers in Shenzhen were transported from Changsha, Shaoyang, Xiangtan and other places in Hunan Province. They were feed chickens, but they sold well. How about the poultry industry in your hometown? Through market investigation, he learned that there were no large poultry farms in Xinhua County, and no chicken farms in the mountains. In Yuezhaoshan, there are endless idle mountain woodlands, only 3 kilometers away from the county town, with low terrain and lush grass, which are suitable for chickens. In 2014, he rented 500 acres of land in a village with his friends and began his second career in life.

With an investment of 1 million yuan, building materials, flat space and road opening, a steel shelf covering 3 mu was built in only 20 days. It was used in three areas: an office and dormitory, a nursery and a nursery.

Raising chickens requires skill. In June 2014, Liu Weixin, with 100,000 yuan in his pocket, went to an incubator in Guangdong Province to buy 50,000 chickens and put them on the hill to find insects, peck grass and eat millet. He also hired a technician from Hunan Agricultural University to guide them on the hill. The county animal husbandry and Fisheries Bureau sent people to the mountain every month to check an epidemic and get a free vaccination. At the end of the year, when chickens came out, the survival rate of 50,000 feathered chickens reached 96%, all of which were sold to Hengyang, Shaoyang, Loudi and other places, and earned a net profit of 200,000 yuan at the market price of 16 yuan per kilogram. In 2015, 130,000 live chickens were put out, with a net profit of 500,000 yuan; in 2016, 160,000 live chickens were put out, with a net profit of 600,000 yuan.

Liu Weixin returned to his hometown for second years. He was elected vice secretary and instrument of the village Party branch. Liu Weixin proposed at the villagers'Congress that Xingyue Village should be transformed into a chicken-raising village, which was unanimously responded by the villagers. In addition, the closed chicken house has become a trend of chicken raising. The 120 Layer Chicken Cage Equipment produced  by SHANDONG HUIMIN QINLE HUSBANDRY MACHINERY CO.,LTD has created higher income for farmers. Immediately after that, there were more chickens and more than 15000 chickens in the village, and there were more than 30000 fewer. The villagers earn 50 thousand yuan per year by raising chickens. Liu Zhiwen, 40, was crippled, his son drowned and his wife ran away, living with an 8-year-old daughter. In 2015, Liu Weixin encouraged Liu Zhiwen to raise chickens, helped him to buy chicken seedlings, and sold him to chickens. Liu Zhiwen raised 20,000 chickens and earned a net profit of 90,000 yuan. He continued to raise chickens in 2016, and now Liu Zhiwen is out of poverty.

Liu Weixin and his partners also have a dream to build Yuezhaoshan chicken farm into the largest ecological chicken farm in Hunan. This year, we will build a 1.5 kilometer long cement road from the village entrance to the mountain, and now we have established a project; we will build a new office building; we will expand the area of chicken farming mountain to 800 mu. But at present, there is a huge gap in capital. Once the capital flow is over, Liu Weixin's dream will come true.

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