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Cause Analysis And Solution Of Common Problems In Egg Cage
Jul 31, 2018

Egg cages can be said to be a widely used form of broiler chickens in the country, due to the unique density of the front net, cage door and cage feeding. However, in the process of actual use, due to the influence of many uncertain factors, some abnormal problems will occur. So, what problems are easy to occur in the process of using egg hen cages? How to deal with it? The following is a detailed analysis for everyone.

When the laying hen cage clears the feces, it only drives the roller to rotate, and the septic belt does not move.

Causes of egg cage failure: It may be due to excessive chicken manure; the rubber roller and the driving roller are not tight; there is a foreign matter stuck to the clearing belt.

Egg cage removal method: the manure belt should be run regularly; tighten the bolts at both ends of the drive roller; remove foreign matter.

The car does not go

The cause of the egg cage failure: driving the wheel, the rope does not move; the positioning plate on the driven wheel is not in contact with the travel switch; the track wheel and the guide rail are squeezed; the motor is damaged.

Remedy: Turn the ratchet wheel of the truck, tighten the drawstring; adjust the position of the travel switch to make contact; correct the guide rails to make the cages parallel; replace the motor.

The chicken manure on the manure belt is thin.

The cause of the malfunction: the drinking fountain leaks the egg cage; the joint at the sink is not sealed well; the chicken is diarrhea.

Remedy: Replace the egg cage drinking fountain; apply sealing glue to the joint;

High egg breaking rate

The cause of the malfunction: chicken quail eggs; thin eggshells; broken jaws on the automatic egg collecting machine; eggs falling from the cage of the laying hen cage collided with eggs on the egg belt; eggs from the automatic egg collecting machine and The eggs on the central egg line collide.

Remedy: Use the electric shock line; replace the feed formula; find out the egg claw replacement for the broken egg cage; use the egg line; adjust the egg height to make it cushion.

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