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Chicken Susceptible To Disease After Rainstorm And Control Suggestions
Sep 26, 2018

1.Prevention of coccidiosis

Several days of heavy rain, many farms chicken house may appear leaking doors and windows, some of the poor chicken house or even cracks and lead to leakage, resulting in damp chicken house, bedding is wet. This warm and humid environment is most conducive to the development of coccidiosis oocysts, if chickens crowded, improper management or poor hygiene conditions, chickens are prone to outbreaks of coccidiosis. In order to prevent the disease, the wet bedding should be replaced in time, the water in the chicken house should be removed, the environment in the house should be maintained, the bedding should be dried, and anti-coccidiosis drugs should be added to the feed. Pay attention to the use time of each coccidiosis drug should not exceed 5 days.

2.Ventilated chicken house

After the rainstorm, ventilation should be carried out to the chicken house, especially the brooding room in time to avoid the air turbidity, the increase of ammonia concentration and the poisoning of chicken ammonia.

3.Sterilizing chicken house

After the continuous rainstorm, we must seize the sunny time and do the chicken disinfection work well. Commonly used disinfectants are 100 poison, Bai Jie, peracetic acid, sodium hypochlorite, and new bromine. To prepare disinfectant solution, we should select deep well water or tap water with less impurity. When the chicken is sterilized, the automatic spray device with good atomization effect or the small backpack type sprayer can be used. The size of the spray particle is controlled at 80~120 micron, and the sprinkler head is 50 centimeters away from the chicken body. Spray head upward, spray gradually inside and outside.

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