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Chickens Developing The Way To Get Rich
Dec 11, 2018

Chen Chunjia lives in Sizhuang Village, Cizhong Township, Hubin District. He has 16 years of chicken-raising experience. Speaking of the past, Chen Chun opened the conversation box: "At the beginning of chicken farming, there was no experience, high risk, high cost. In order to sell their chickens, chicken farmers are trying to sell them at a very low price. As a result, no one makes money.

A few years later, Chen Chun began to think about new ways to get rich. In 2007, Chen Chun united with the big chicken farmers in the village to establish a chicken farmers'professional cooperative. Cooperatives organize scattered chicken farmers and employ professional technicians from Shaanxi to provide technical guidance for the selection of chicken seedlings, breeding and epidemic prevention. Soon, the chickens of the cooperatives opened up the market, and the merchants came to buy them. The cooperatives also had a voice in the price, and the interests of the chicken farmers were protected.

After eight years of development, the cooperative now has more than 50 large chicken farmers, which has led to more than 200 chicken farmers in surrounding villages and in Shanxian and Pinglu counties. At present, customers from Luoyang, Shaanxi and Shanxi also come to buy the chickens of the cooperative.

"The quality of chickens sold from our cooperative is absolutely guaranteed." Chen Chun said firmly.

Speaking of the support of the government, Chen Chun was grateful: "At the beginning of the establishment of the cooperative, the staff of the township government helped us coordinate problems and go through formalities, and made a lot of efforts. The success of our cooperatives can not be separated from the support and help of the government. That's not true. A few days ago, the countryside took the initiative to coordinate the relevant departments so that we could enjoy cheap electricity prices and save thousands of yuan a year. We will further expand our scale and promote more people to become rich."

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