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Comparison Of The Use Characteristics Of Different Types Of Egg Cages
Jul 31, 2018

As far as the egg cage culture equipment is concerned, in addition to the category, the use function of each type of product is different under the same environmental conditions, then what is the use of the assembled egg cage product? Features and advantages? The following is a brief introduction to everyone, I hope everyone will be interested.

The first type: laminated egg cage assembly products. The characteristics of this assembly can make full use of the space, the breeding density is high, the degree of mechanization required in the station is hard and reliable, and the requirements for double air ventilation and illumination are also relatively high. Benefits of cascading egg cages: The upper and lower layers of the cage are completely staggered, often seen in 2-3 layers. The advantage is that there is no need to set up a dung board at the bottom of the cage. For example, the manure pit may not have a clearing system. The structure is simple, and the ventilation and illumination areas of each layer are large.

Second: full step. This type of egg cage usually has two layers or two farts, and the heart 4-6 small cages are arranged in a "good" shape. There is no folding phenomenon in the cages. The troughs and leeches do not have a row of chicken cages on each side. The space around the cages is large, and the nails are ventilated and lighted.

The third type: semi-stepped. The egg cage product has two cages on which F is perpendicular to the stack of 17/4 to 1:2, and the overlapping portion is provided with a sloping manure plate. Within the unit building area, it is more tactical than the full-step use of chicken cages.

The fourth type: step-and-stack integrated egg cages, also known as mixed or two-fold one-aluminum type, one force three-bedroom, the purchase of the cliffs are overlapping, t: single-layered, small cages arranged in the state of ten Crystal type.

The fifth type: single-layer single-type, also called 牟 layer side-by-side type, generally divided into two types of walkways and no roads. In the closed chicken house, the high-lined flat-type "chicken cage" is used. It is characterized by no walkway in the house. The bottom of the cage is about 1.8-2 meters high according to the pit. It can be used for 1 year and even a few years. Secondly, feeding, catching chickens and observing chickens must be carried out early in the car. The breeding density is also relatively high. The advantages of laying hens in farming are reflected in the front net and the cage door, the density of the cage, and the angle of the eggs. aspect.

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