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Couples Raise Chickens To Become Millionaires
Nov 26, 2018

In 2013, Prince Liang married Dong Yonghui and borrowed 20,000 yuan. He built a chicken farm on the barren mountain and bought more than 5,000 chicken seedlings. There was no place to live on the mountain, so they lived together in the chicken shed. This side raises chickens, the other side lives, pull a curtain in the middle. The shed is sultry in summer and leaky in winter.Prince Liang: It's a hillside with nothing, and then we live there, watching the chickens and feeding them water every day.They took good care of the chickens. Although the living conditions were poor, they both felt very hopeful.Dong Yonghui: No hard work. At that time, I didn't feel any hard work. I was tired, as if I was full of energy. Mainly the magic of love.In addition to feeding chickens with corn and soybeans, Prince Liang often goes up to the mountains to pick wild mountain vegetables to improve the immunity of chickens.Prince Liang: This is Kuhuanglian, it is small yellow flowers, and then it pinches and folds, it is full of yellow, you like chickens to have a fever, influenza, its anti-virus effect is very good.In November 2013, Prince Liang's chickens were raised for more than half a year, and finally began laying eggs. But after a few days of excitement, he was in big trouble. Because chickens are kept in the mountains and woods, it is difficult to find eggs.

Prince Liang calculates that if he can pick up more than 1000 eggs a day, he can make more than 1000 yuan a day. Prince Liang did well in his abacus, but things did not go as he expected. In December 2013, the prince put on more than 5,000 eggs and sold them at the market in Linjiang City, but no one bought them.Prince Liang: I asked him why you didn't buy it. He said you were not a real chicken farmer in the ditch. You are so young and dressed so clean. Can you sell eggs in the ditch?Carry a small bamboo basket and lay a few baskets of eggs. This is the standard line for selling local eggs, which are usually sold by older people. Prince Liang walked around the market and found that his eggs were more expensive than others. He could not sell them in the market.Prince Liang: Because the local people don't care about the cost, he thinks that if I sell one yuan for money, it will prove that the chicken is not free, but after we really pass the cost accounting, our price is not comparable to his (their) price.I wanted to make a good living for my wife by selling eggs. Seeing that the eggs could not be sold, the prince was in a hurry and began to send eggs out. When the eggs were not delivered, they turned over the pattern of pickled eggs, boiled eggs and scrambled eggs. After a period of time, the family felt tired of mentioning the eggs.

Eating eggs on the spot is the most attractive activity for people to watch. It's not enough to hold an event to break eggs and try them for free. Prince Liang will also promote tens of thousands of eggs at a cost price. Although this cost-effective method makes him very distressed, Prince Liang is through activities, so that people really taste the taste of free-range eggs, so that his eggs in the local reputation. Prince Liang took advantage of local customs and seized the golden selling period of Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival, which promoted the sales of eggs throughout the year.Prince Liang: Each Festival has 200,000 to 300,000 sales. So the basic work of the whole year is enough. Usually we do more activities, propaganda, people to taste.Now the sales of Prince Liang's eggs in one year are more than 2 million yuan. With confidence, Prince Liang came up with new ideas. He found that there was a habit of eating big cocks around the winter festival, so he began to consciously raise big cocks for about a year. In winter, he introduced this method, which increased the sales of Prince Liang by more than 900,000 yuan a year.

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