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Development Direction Of Layer Industry
Jan 09, 2019

1. Moderate scale development will become the mainstream

The long-term "small-scale and large-scale" feeding of the laying hen industry in China has made the control of epidemic disease in the production-intensive areas of laying hens the biggest factor affecting the development of the industry. Therefore, the single-farm high-density and large-scale laying hen feeding mode is no longer suitable for the current production situation of the industry in China. In the next 5-10 years, the farms with less than 10,000 laying hens will gradually withdraw from the laying industry. Hen farms with 30,000 to 50,000 chickens in stock will become the main suppliers of egg sources in the future.

2. Intelligent aquaculture development is the direction

With the development of domestic equipment manufacturing industry and the introduction of farming equipment from all over the world into China in the past two years, the competition of farming equipment industry is becoming more and more fierce. The relative investment of farming equipment in the whole farming process is constantly decreasing, which makes the automated chicken house widely spread throughout the country. With the increase of labor cost and management cost, farmers are actively developing in the direction of moderate scale, standardization, automation and intellectualization. "Man manages machines, machine raises chickens" will become more and more common, and future intellectualization will inevitably become the choice of the industry.

3. The whole industry chain model will provide impetus for the future development of the industry.

For example, the production mode of "breeding - breeding chicken feeding - feed - Science and Technology Service - brand egg - elimination chicken industrial park" promoted by Bei Nong University Group, the concept of cloud farming in De Qingyuan and the mobile supermarket in Yukou are all good models to build a complete industrial chain.

4. Layer insurance is an important way to avoid industry risks

The development of laying hen industry in China has not been rid of the threat of various risks. Only the H7N9 incident in 2013 caused huge losses to many laying hen enterprises and farmers, and the direct and indirect losses of the industry exceeded 100 billion yuan. Every year, various epidemics and accidents will make many farmers lose reproductive capacity, completely withdraw from the industry or poverty caused by disasters, life is seriously affected. Under the condition of market economy, it is an important way to avoid the industry risk to participate in the industry insurance of laying hens.

5. Food safety testing will become the norm in the industry

For the impact of food safety incidents such as "fast-growing chicken" in recent years, both eggs and downstream purchasers of chicken catering and supermarkets need to provide product testing certificates. In the future, the detection of egg circulation will become the normal industry, which makes the future survival space of simple traders without bases will be less and less.

6. Branding is the trend

In recent years, the development and competition of laying hen breeding industry has become increasingly fierce. In the past, enterprises specializing in producing laying hens began to extend downwards, build their own brand eggs, and expand the brand egg market through various ways. In the future, the competition of commercial laying hens in the industry will be based on brand eggs as the core.

7. Trend of Egg Deep Processing

At present, the consumption growth rate of China's laying hen industry slows down with the slowdown of production growth. According to relevant statistical data, the market mainly consumes fresh eggs, which is the primary product of eggs. With the continuous improvement of the technology level of deep processing of egg products, semi-finished products, re-products, refined products and other new products with eggs as the main raw material are constantly emerging after primary processing or deep processing. The consumption of egg products in China will gradually increase.

So our 50000 chickens layer chicken cage will be the advanced raising layer chicken equipment in the future.

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