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Eco-Egg Online Selling
Nov 26, 2018

From Hu Xianhong's family farm, we can see that this is a combination farm, where chickens are kept in orchards. With the continuous expansion of scale, Hu Xianhong led the establishment of Yunhai chicken farming cooperative in Lujiang County, which led 256 farmers around to become rich in chicken farming. "What bothers me, however, is that although farm eggs are favored by many people, our products are mainly sold in the local market due to geographical constraints. Especially after the expansion of the scale of breeding, green high-quality eggs from the past'fragrant baboon'into'unsalable goods'. Hu Xianhong said.

Just when Hu Xianhong was worried, Lujiang County Agricultural Committee arranged him to participate in the training of agricultural e-commerce. This training is for rural entrepreneurs to use the Internet to sell local specialties, so that mountain goods out of the mountain. Although the method is good, Hu Xianhong has never touched the computer. How can this shop open? Understanding his difficulties, Lujiang County Agricultural Committee took the initiative to help him design webpages and teach him how to communicate with buyers. On January 1, 2015, his online store finally opened. After the sales season of New Year's Day and Spring Festival, Hu Xianhong sold all the products on the farmer's hands.

"Because I sell genuine green food, the product is in short supply, the online store's praise rate reached 98%. So far this year, online stores have sold more than 80,000 green eggs. Hu Hongxian said happily, "I really didn't expect that moving the mouse would have such great power!"

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