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Eggs From North To South
Jan 01, 2019


Investors are optimistic about the future development of egg market. Egg industry is a large-scale industry with rapid growth. At present, there are still a few industries with integration opportunities in the large-scale agricultural field. After scaling up, the overall gross profit rate can be raised.

Brand building

Under the general trend of consumption upgrading, consumers are increasingly demanding the quality and brand of eggs. The impact of price on egg products is gradually decreasing, and safe eggs are welcomed by the market. However, there are very few famous brands in the egg market in China, and consumers'memory of egg brands is generally not high. At this time, if the egg enterprises can accurately understand the needs of consumers and take a place in the hearts of consumers, they may become a strong brand in the regional and even national egg market.

Whole industry chain

Supply chain integration is also the core direction of integration in the current industrial chain. The link of eggs agricultural distribution and eggs distribution is a link with low concentration and low competition in the industry chain. If we can go beyond the distribution link, we can not only control the quality of eggs in the whole process, but also shorten the circulation cycle and increase the gross profit of eggs.

deep processing

In terms of the degree of egg deep processing abroad, the proportion of egg processing in the United States is about 30%, and that in Japan is the largest, about 50%. Although the degree of egg processing conversion in China is still relatively low, with the approaching ceiling of per capita egg consumption, the future egg industry will develop towards the direction of egg fine deep processing, and the market potential will be further enlarged.

Food Safety

The veterinary drug residues in eggs have also attracted much attention in the trend of anti-resistance and anti-resistance in the whole livestock and poultry industry. With the further strengthening of consumers'food safety awareness, egg enterprises should build terminal brands and win a stable consumer reputation. In the use and detection of antibiotics, it will become a necessary barrier.

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