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Four Suitable And Four Taboo Prevention Of Poultry Disease
Sep 29, 2018

One should choose Gao Min's medicine and avoid drug abuse. Gao Min drugs can shorten the course of treatment, reduce the dosage of drugs and reduce the mortality rate. The result of drug abuse is the resistance of pathogens to drugs, which brings difficulties to prevention and control.

Two, it is advisable to combine drugs and avoid drug antagonism. Most poultry diseases do not occur alone, and concurrent or secondary infections often occur. Therefore, the combination of various etiologies should be combined to improve the therapeutic effect. For the treatment of chicken coccidiosis, other antimicrobial and antiviral drugs can be added; for gosling plague, Rifampicin, florfenicol and other antimicrobial agents can be added in an appropriate amount. When combined, the antagonism and side effects of drugs should be avoided.

Three appropriate symptomatic treatment, avoid specimen biased. Some outbreaks, with short incubation periods (only a few hours), have not been absorbed and poultry have died. Most drugs are difficult to pass through the blood-brain barrier, in this case, more symptomatic treatment, both symptoms and symptoms.

Four, it is advisable to have a complete course of treatment and avoid giving up halfway. In general, every bird disease has its incubation period and its onset process, and the therapeutic drug is also treated with foot therapy. When the drug is used for a long time, the activity of the pathogen will be restored, and the poultry will be infected by other diseases.

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