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Four Ways To Cool Down The Chicken House
Sep 27, 2018

Air cooling effect

1. The maximum effective wind speed of the wind cooling effect is 3 m/s. When the wind speed around the broiler exceeds 3 m/s, the wind cooling effect will not increase any more. When the cross-section wind speed in the shed is less than 3 m/s, we should try to increase the wind speed and increase the wind cooling effect.

2. Installation of windshield drapes increases the wind speed, and the wind speed varies from place to place in the chicken house. Usually the wind speed in the middle of the chicken house is greater than that on both sides of the chicken house, and the wind speed above the chicken house is faster than that on the ground. In view of this situation, we usually do it from the top of the chicken house vertically down the triangle every 8-9 meters. Temporary installation of windscreens to reduce the sectional area of chicken coop to increase the wind speed inside the henhouse.

Two, wet curtain evaporation cooling

1. Cooperate with the wet curtain of the blower, evaporate the moisture of the wet curtain into water vapor to cool down. The best speed of wind passing through the curtain (through the wind speed of the wet curtain) 15 cm thick wet curtain is usually 2 m/s. The wet curtain can be kept wet. There is no need for flooding with large amount of water.

2. The relative humidity will increase by 2.5% if the wet curtain is reduced by 0.55 degrees C.

3. When external relative humidity (not refers to the humidity inside the shed) is greater than 85%, the wet curtain will no longer work.

Three, spray cooling.

1. fan with spray can also play a cooling effect.

2. when the temperature and humidity are very high, spray the chicken continuously and spray all the fans at full steam to remove the heat.

Four, Place ice cubes in the chicken house. The ice cubes absorb heat and melt to cool down. The higher the temperature is, the more ice cubes are needed. Be prepared in advance.


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