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Get Rich By Raising Chickens In A Different Style
Nov 26, 2018

Peng Jianjun promised his wife that once he made money raising chickens, he would immediately build a house. This was a difficult promise at that time, but let his wife see the hope. Following Peng Jianjun's advice, the two rented abandoned primary schools and started raising chickens. However, a trip in 2003 gave Peng Jianjun a blow.At that time, he attended a national poultry exposition and saw that other chicken houses were both standardized and modern. By contrast, his own chicken houses were dilapidated, which gave Peng Jianjun an idea.Peng Jianjun: Later, we decided to make some money and build a standardized farm to raise our Taihe black chickens, so I think there will be a way out in the future.But the wife did not agree with Peng Jianjun when she knew it.Liang Manlan Peng Jianjun's wife: I want to raise a little chicken to earn some living expenses. It's OK to have a warm home and not to work too hard. But his idea is different. He said that if we want to raise chickens well, sooner or later there will be a house.Just as the couple argued about it, the advent of a disaster made everyone look silly.In 2003, when SARS hit, people were panicked, which hit Peng Jianjun very hard.Peng Jianjun: Almost in a state of despair. We don't know whether we live or die. We feel that our feelings are more important than those of people who have SARS. It doesn't matter what you don't know in your mind, but in the end it doesn't matter.Liang Manlan Peng Jianjun's wife: In that stool, he did not speak, smoked, sometimes sat up until 12 o'clock at night, sometimes he felt uncomfortable without saying a word. He sat there, like that clam, standing still there.Originally planned to sell the chickens and build a new chicken house, the result was not only that the chicken house was not built, but also that the money earned was lost in a flash. One year after SARS, the market turned around. As a result, in 2005, ducks in the next county were infected with avian influenza in a large area. Peng Jianjun was nervous all day for fear that a gust of wind would blow the virus over.Peng Jianjun: At that time, six kilometers around the town were all killed, hundreds of thousands of ducks were killed. It was only tens of kilometers away from us. Next to it, livestock and poultry products belonging to the epidemic area could not be circulated, nor could they go. They could only be disposed of and digested of in the county.Peng Jianjun stopped hatching chickens and sold them to turtle vendors. At the same time, he went to disinfect chicken houses every day. Some friends couldn't watch them anymore and advised him to change careers again and again.Chen Huadong Peng Jianjun's friend: At that time, I said, let's go with us to raise pigs. Perhaps the whole pig-raising is more stable. After all, there is no such a big epidemic. You see now, the house has not been built or bought, and the daughter-in-law has some opinions. Do you think about it?At this time, however, it is even more impossible to buy a house. Peng Jianjun's promise to his wife seems to be far away. His wife wants to persuade him to change his profession, because the market for raising chickens fluctuates so much that many people give up.Liang Wenhong, a villager in Shishi Liangjia Village, Taihe County, Jiangxi Province: Like one of our villages, there used to be more than a dozen, at least ten in the breeding of black chickens, then there was no one, now there is no one.Nanmen Village, Taihe County, Jiangxi Province, Wushuigen: The risk is quite high. Now, you have done less and no fun. I want to invite so many people to make 10,000 chickens. I have tens of millions of chicken seedlings a year. If I can't send them out, there is no way for the price to fall.As the saying goes, the local black chicken breeders are getting fewer and fewer, which directly affects Peng Jianjun's chicken hatching business. At this time, he decided to transform to sell black eggs. Unexpectedly, after the launch, the market reacted very well and did not worry about sales at all.Peng Jianjun: If I change an industry, then I will start over again. The customers and resources I accumulated before, the technology I learned in vain, because an industry is impossible, only failed enterprises can not have failed industries, so I insist on how many Taihe black chickens to raise.After 2005, Peng Jianjun saved money while selling black chicken and eggs. By 2009, he finally had more than one million yuan, but because of this money, it became the fuse of contradiction between him and his wife.

Now, Peng Jianjun always stares at his mobile phone for fear of delaying customers'orders. Every afternoon before 5 p.m., he delivers the goods to the express company, which ends the day's work.

In 2015, Peng Jianjun launched an all-round promotion of online stores. At the same time, his products were supplied to large supermarkets, specialty stores and other places. He also cooperated with some restaurants to launch more than 20 dishes on black chicken, which many people admire.Peng Jianjun: Before we contacted e-commerce, we went out through these channels. Now we have one more leg to walk.In 2015, Peng Jianjun sold silky chickens and silky eggs for about 18 million yuan, accounting for 40% of online sales. At the same time, his promise to his wife finally came to light.

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