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Golden Rooster Sings Rich Song
Nov 26, 2018

On August 11, under the leadership of Zhang Chao, the reporter came to his warehouse where fresh eggs were stored. He saw that the warehouse was full of eggs, half a person tall. Zhang Chao said that the eggs were just picked up from the henhouse in the early morning and were ready to be transported to the supermarket.

Speaking of the process of entrepreneurship, this kind man talked to reporters.

At the end of 2010, Zhang Chao retired from the army and returned to Zhangying Village, Huying Town, Nanzhang County. Are you sitting on top of your parents'savings or doing something about your career? Reluctant to the status quo, he chose the latter. Knowing that Nanzhang County laying hen breeding industry is very good, is a quick-acting project, he decided to set up a laying hen farm in the barren hill behind his house.

As soon as the idea was put forward, it was immediately supported by relatives and friends. At the end of 2011, Zhang Chao applied for a loan of more than 700,000 yuan from the Agricultural Credit Cooperative to build a laying hen farm. Zhang Chao said: "The farm has 3000 square meters, and can raise more than 20,000 laying hens at the same time."

For the first time, Zhang Chao had no idea. He only introduced thousands of chicken seedlings for water test. Because he had no experience in raising chickens, a chicken disease hit him. He could only watch the chickens fall down in batches, and the pains and sweats he paid were drifting away.

In the first round of going to Shanghai, he choked his saliva. His parents didn't want him to toss about any more. They suggested that he open a small restaurant.

"Give up or stick to it?" Zhang Chao shut himself in the room and thought hard. "At that time, he still owed a large sum of money to the feed merchant. If he gave up, all his achievements would be discarded."

With his perseverance and perseverance, Zhang Chao did not want to give up. He went to Nanzhang County Agricultural Bureau to consult experts on chicken disease prevention and control methods, and to learn how to scientifically match laying hens with food and feed. With his efforts, the farm finally came back to life.

After the first batch of eggs were produced, Zhang Chao got the market promotion. Because of the good egg products and pure taste, he immediately won many customers. "Our eggs are finished in two days from the time they are laid to the supermarket. Each box is of sufficient quality and quantity."

However, the road to entrepreneurship is not smooth. In 2013, when farms were gaining momentum, avian influenza was raging and the market was sluggish, causing him to lose hundreds of thousands of yuan at once. He was so frustrated by the heavy blow that he once wanted to sell the farm to others. With the encouragement of his family and the help of his relatives and friends, Zhang Chao survived. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of large-scale factories and the opening of sales, the sales of farms reached more than 4 million yuan last year.

In the process of the gradual expansion of farms, a large number of chicken manure and sewage emit odor, breeding mosquitoes and flies, causing the displeasure of nearby villagers.

How to turn waste into treasure? Zhang Chao pointed to the biogas digester not far from the farm and said, "To solve this problem, the county agricultural department allocated more than 100,000 yuan and sent technicians to help me build the biogas digester, which not only solved the pollution problem, but also enabled me to enjoy the dividend of green development."

"Look, how hot the biogas stove is, how fast it boils water and cooks food!" In the kitchen of Zhang Chao's house, he twisted the ignition device gently, and the blue flame went straight up. Zhang Chao told reporters that in the past, his home burned a gas stove, occasionally making use of firewood stove, a year down at least eight bottles of gas.

Zhang Chao told reporters that the biogas digester can be used by more than 10 villagers. At present, several villagers are preparing to introduce biogas into their kitchens. In addition to purchasing pipes by the villagers themselves, biogas is free to use.

"To start farming is to find something to do. Now I want to do more for the villagers." Zhang Chao said. Over the years, he often sent fresh eggs and clothes to the poor families in the village, and tried to hire villagers to work in the farm, so that the dividends of the farm could benefit more parents and villagers.

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