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Growing Chickens In The Woods To Make A Fortune
Dec 17, 2018

Hou Zhenghong thought that if he had 10,000 laying hens, he could sell them for 20,000 yuan per day. Although tea factories have been able to make steady profits of more than 1 million yuan a year, Hou Zhenghong's mentality has undergone subtle changes.

Hou Zhenghong: It seems that I am addicted to starting my own business. It seems that I can't stop idling. Tea is very monotonous to me. If I want to find a project again, I feel that since I started my own business, I will work hard to enrich it and make my business bigger and stronger.

As soon as the tea factory was running smoothly, her family was relieved for Hou Zhenghong. She was also challenged to raise chickens completely out of touch with the tea business. Everyone advised her not to do so.

Hou Zhenghong: When I was a tea base, you would not let me do it. I did it here. Now I want to do farming. Everyone of you pours cold water on me. According to you, there are no entrepreneurs in the world. I have to do what others don't do. What I do now is similar to what men do.

Hou Zhenghong is full of confidence. In May 2011, Hou Zhenghong took out more than 2 million yuan, borrowed more than 1 million yuan, wrapped up more than 300 mu of mountain areas, and introduced more than 8,000 Green-shell eggs to wait for eggs to be picked up every day.

In the first few months, as Hou Zhenghong had expected, she could pick up more than 6,000 eggs a day. Hou Zhenghong picked up soft eggs, but soon she found something wrong.

Hou Zhenghong: I started picking 5,000 to 6,000 eggs every day. I picked many eggs every day. Apart from cost and profit, I felt good. Then half a year later, I found out why the eggs were a little less.

Reporter: The more you choose, the less you choose.

Hou Zhenghong: The more picking, the less picking.

Hou Zhenghong also wondered why the fewer eggs he picked. It happened that the County Agricultural Bureau had experts visiting Hou Zhenghong's base. The experts had not entered the chicken farm yet. They laughed at Hou Zhenghong's words.

Chen Qide: She said that Green-shell laying hens lay more than 300 eggs a year, up to 360 eggs. I said it was impossible. I told her that the next 120 eggs would be good if she earned this profit.

Hou Zhenghong suddenly realized this. According to this algorithm, excluding costs, earning money in one year is far from Hou Zhenghong's expectation. But Hou Zhenghong is not in a hurry. She feels that according to her previous experience in raising chickens in tea gardens, commercial chickens can also be sold. She immediately introduced 20,000 commercial chicken chickens to make up for the deficit in egg sales.

In June 2012, the chickens were coming out.

Hou Zhenghong: Anyway, seeing this kind of chicken is like my baby. How to describe it? Seeing it is very lovely and lovely. Although it is an animal, it looks like a baby, because I want to hold it around me very much. You go into the chicken factory and hear the chicken crow. You see flying and flying. It's so cute. It's really so cute. I said all the mountains are my wealth.

Hou Zhenghong was happy to see chickens at that time. According to her expectation, these 20,000 chickens should be sold out immediately. When Hou Zhenghong raised chickens in tea garden before, 500 commercial chickens sold out in a few days, but the reality made Hou Zhenghong anxious again.

Just when Hou Zhenghong was in a hurry, a man appeared.

His name is Xue Hua. He is an exporter of agricultural products in Guiyang. Xue Hua has been looking for high-quality agricultural products to be exported overseas in Guizhou. Xue Hua was introduced by a friend to learn about Hou Zhenghong's chicken farm in the woods. When Xue Hua arrived at the chicken farm, he was attracted by Hou Zhenghong's free-range chickens.

Xue Hua: You see it landed very smoothly. That's what my customers want. Free-range farming means running around the mountains during the day. Look at the chickens on the slopes. Even these chickens can be found in the woods and houses. This is our client's requirement for pure free-range chickens, caged chickens are not feasible.

Hou Zhenghong's free-range chickens have good breeding environment and wild nature. Xue Hua is satisfied with the quality of Hou Zhenghong's free-range chicken, but Hou Zhenghong is not the only free-range chicken enterprise Xue Hua has visited. What attracts Xue Hua more is Hou Zhenghong.

Xue Hua: She's a woman with extraordinary generosity. She's a person who does things. She doesn't about small interests with you. We all do it well together. I am awed by her. I feel that this woman is really not easy to achieve today's level. It is true that our Guizhou province is not a lot like her. To tell you the truth, she is our ideal partner. Her chicken quality is also very good, so I respect her very much.

Xue Hua immediately agreed to buy all the chickens at a price 10 yuan higher than the market price.

With the increase of farming scale,H type layer chicken cage is her best choice.Hou Zhenghong vist the SHANDONG HUIMIN QINLE HUSBANDRY MACHINERY CO.,LTD and their layer chicken base.She was fascinated by automated farming equipment.

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