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Guinea Fowls Fly All Over The Country
Nov 21, 2018

In 1991, Li Qingchuan retired from the anti-aircraft artillery force, returned home as a light calcium factory worker, to work in Jinjiang and other places, and later returned home to grow edible fungi and brew cold spring wine. Especially his old cold spring wine, very fragrant, very pure, not top, very popular with customers, and even brought to Mauritius by the local people.

Li Qingchuan's breeding of guinea fowl is a way to get rich. In front of the winery, a large area of land leased to the local people was subleased by Li Qingchuan to a Liancheng man who raised white ducks. Liancheng people earned the first barrel of gold and went back to their hometown to start a business. The year before last, they proposed to cancel the lease. A large piece of land, idle to rent, how to do? Li Qingchuan had to play on his own.

Friends suggested: breeding guinea fowl, the market prospect is very good. Li Qingchuan immediately got up and went to study in Changting guinea fowl breeding farm. When he returned home, he purchased a pearl chicken specially and brought it back to taste. He found that the chicken was delicate and delicious after stewing.

Guinea fowl is also called the guinea fowl, pheasant, Guinea bird. Guinea, native to the west coast of the African continent, was originally a wild poultry. It was domesticated and reared and became a new breed of meat poultry. As a special meat poultry, pearl chicken has high economic and nutritional value. Its meat is tender, delicious, high protein, low fat. Compared with ordinary broilers, it has high protein and amino acid content, but low fat and cholesterol content. It is a special kind of poultry with game.

After the simple transformation of the original farms, Li Qingchuan first introduced 200 guinea fowls in April last year.Guinea fowl has good adaptability, strong disease resistance, simple requirements for equipment and housing, coarse feed and easy feeding. Li Qingchuan cultivated the guinea fowl, mainly in bulk, and mainly corn and coarse grains to ensure the meat quality of chickens. "In the first three months, the pearl chicken grew very fast, reaching 1.5 kilograms. In order to save time and improve efficiency, some farmers would put the chicken out, but the chicken meat is too fine and tasteless." Li Qingchuan said that he extended the time of chicken farming for four months and went on the market seven months later. Such chickens have the same meat quality as local local chickens, and the soup is more delicious.

In November, the first batch of guinea fowls were slaughtered, and 200 chickens were quickly sold out. Li Qingchuan made a calculation. The cost of a pearl chicken seedling was 7 yuan. He ate an average of 0.2 kilograms of corn every day, about 0.6 yuan, more than 120 yuan for seven months. A chicken earned about 40 yuan. He made nearly 10,000 yuan in the first batch of chickens.

In order to ensure the market supply of Pearl chickens, Li Qingchuan adopted a step-by-step farming method. On the basis of the first 200 chickens, he bought 800 pearl chickens in two batches for farming.

After the listing of guinea fowl, Li Qingchuan sells through WeChat's friends circle and online shopping mall. "Many friends who have bought, many become repeat customers." Li Qingchuan said. For every new customer who hangs up to order Pearl Chicken, he asks for Wechat, so more and more customers come. "Today, I received more than 30 orders. I have to rush to deal with them. I will deliver them to SF express in time tomorrow morning." Li Qingchuan said.

At present, Li Qingchuan has more than 300 left guinea fowls, and is expected to be sold out before the Spring Festival. "After the Spring Festival, we will adjust the chicken seedlings, and strive to expand the scale of farming, and make a good profit." Li Qingchuan said with a smile.In order to get more money,

Li Qing Chuan said the Four doors layer chicken equipment produced by QINLE has high quality and the price is suitable.

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