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How Can We Better Thoroughly Disinfect The Egg Cage?
Jul 31, 2018

Laying hens is a road that many people choose now, because the market for laying hens is relatively good, but laying hens need to use egg hen cages, so that hens can grow better. However, for egg cages and chicken houses, we need to clean and disinfect them frequently, so as to ensure the sanitation of the living environment of the laying hens. The following small series will take everyone to understand the disinfection precautions!

At present, the disinfectant used is quaternary ammonium salt, chlorine preparation, iodine preparation, acid preparation, etc. It is necessary to do three thorough disinfection. The role of pathogenic microorganisms.

The choice of disinfection methods, disinfection methods are divided into two types, plane disinfection, stereo disinfection. Flat disinfection refers to the surface disinfection of various appliances and floors, and stereo disinfection emphasizes the disinfection of the entire space. If you do not do air disinfection, you can't get better control of chicken disease. Especially in the chicken house, it is more important to make the chicken stereo disinfection. You should use disinfectant with strong volatility such as peracetic acid because of its disinfectant active molecule. Volatile and combined with air molecules, so you can receive better stereo disinfection. In addition to ground disinfection, egg cage appliance disinfection, and stereo disinfection, disinfection of the external environment should be done so that the source of pathogenic microorganisms can be completely eliminated.

The amount of disinfection and medicinal use, some fields think that the greater the disinfection concentration, the more thorough the disinfection, which is wrong. Blindly increase the concentration, on the one hand, increase the expenditure, on the other hand, the residual amount has side effects on the chicken. Therefore, egg cage the appropriate concentration should be selected. According to the instructions of the disinfectant manufacturer, the ratio should be properly used and properly disinfected to ensure the disinfection effect. Regularly disinfected according to standards.

For the chicken house, we also need to carry out frequent cleaning. In the process of washing, we should ensure the washing effect and work efficiency according to the principle of first up, down, first and then, and also save cost. The order of rinsing is: ceiling, cage, trough, slab, air inlet, wall, floor, storage room, lounge, operation room, ditch, to prevent re-contamination of the already washed area, corner, manure The corners are the focus of flushing to avoid the formation of “dead spots”; egg cage the flushed wastewater is discharged outside the house and cleaned or fermented in time to prevent contamination of the field and the house environment.

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