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How Do Broiler Cage Equipment Cool Down In Summer?
Jul 31, 2018

In summer, the temperature rises steadily, and the broiler will have a decrease in feed intake, which will lead to a slower growth rate and weight gain. The increase in temperature will also cause broiler chickens to suffer from various diseases, which will bring serious economic losses to the broiler breeding industry. Therefore, after the summer, users should strengthen the cooling work of broiler cage equipment and improve the survival rate of broilers. So, how should broiler cage equipment cool down in summer? The following small series is introduced as follows:

1, feeding methods to cool down

In the summer, you can change the diet structure of broilers to play a role in heatstroke prevention and cooling. You can feed some succulent feeds to broilers, and you can feed watermelon rind in summer. The method of feeding is to cut the watermelon rind every day. Feed broiler about 50g, feed it 3 times a day, feed it at noon at a higher temperature, mix it in the morning and evening, and feed it in the summer. After the broiler is foraging, it can not only play a heatstroke prevention role, but also improve the heat resistance level of the broiler. It can also promote the moulting of the laying hens in advance and increase the egg production.

2, the equipment in the house is cooled

In order to play a good cooling effect, it can be obviously cooled by installing some cooling equipment in the house. In the summer, fans can be installed in the house. The types of fans can be selected according to the actual needs of the broiler house. They are divided into exhaust fans, ceiling fans, wall fans and floor fans. The fan can be installed to keep the house well ventilated. It takes away the heat of the chicken body and has the effect of reducing the concentration of harmful gases in the house.

3. Cooling of building facilities

In the hot summer months, through the renovation of the chicken house buildings, or the construction of some shade facilities outside the house to play a role in heatstroke prevention. In the summer, strong sunlight will pass through the window and enter the house chicken body, which will raise the temperature inside the house and raise the body temperature of the broiler. In order to block direct sunlight, you can put a shade net on the window of the chicken house. In addition, it is also possible to put a sunshade net on the roof of the chicken house. The requirement is to be 50cm or more above the roof of the chicken house, and the chicken house is covered together to achieve a good shading effect.

4. Greening and cooling inside and outside the field

Planting plants around the broiler farm and on the open space in the field can improve the small environment in the farm, play a role in shading and cooling, and improve the air quality in the field. Around the chicken farm, some tall trees can be planted to protect the shade, effectively avoiding strong direct sunlight in summer, and allowing broilers to inhabit the shade and reduce the stocking density. Planting some vegetables around the chicken house can not only be used by the staff and broilers, but also make full use of the land in the field. It can also absorb heat and avoid sunlight reflection.

5, scientific water cooling

Scientific water can achieve good cooling effect. It can add cool deep well water to the high pressure sprayer, spray down the chicken house, and increase the humidity of the house to reduce the temperature. This method is often used. The method used is simple to operate. It can also splash some cool water on the floor inside the house. The temperature in the house is reduced by the principle of evaporative heat dissipation. When using the above two methods, pay attention to opening the doors and windows, and increase the ventilation inside the house. Select the way of longitudinal ventilation to avoid excessive humidity in the house and adversely affect the flock.

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