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How To Distingguish Male And Female Chickens
Jan 29, 2019

1. If the breeder hatches the chicken seedlings by himself, it can be judged by the shape of the eggs before the egg hatches. Generally, the chickens hatched from the long-oval, hard-to-distinguish head and tail, rough surface and strong appearance are mostly male chickens. The chickens hatched from short round, large head and small tail with inverted triangle, fine surface and delicate appearance are mostly female chickens.

2. Judging the chicken's male and female can also be judged by the chicken's body: generally, the male chicken's head is relatively large, body is relatively large, waist width, mouth is long, hook-shaped, neck is long, legs are high, feet are thick, on the contrary, the female chicken's head is small, body is small, round mouth is short, neck is short, legs are short, feet are thin.

3. Through the action of chickens, farmers can also judge whether the chickens are male or female. Male chickens are active, lively and agile. Female chickens prefer to move alone and are slow to move.

4. There is also the chicken's crown: the breeder can hold the chicken in his hand, let the chicken's head up, and then observe the inverted cubic direction of the chicken's crown. Generally, the male chicken's crown is inverted to the right, and the female chicken's crown is inverted to the left.

5. Footprints: Farmers can also judge the male and female of the chickens by footprints. They can move the chickens on the flat ground covered with fine sand. If the direction of footprints is straight, they are generally male chickens. If the direction of the footprints of the chickens crosses each other, they are usually hens.

6. Reverse lift reaction: Farmers can lift the chicken's feet upside down, such as the head and neck bending upward hook, the wings flapping vigorously, mostly male chickens. If the head and neck droop, wings do not spread out, or after unfolding unable to close, mostly hens.

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