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How To Judge Whether The Ambient Temperature In The Broiler Cage Equipment Is Suitable
Jul 31, 2018

The management of the farm area determines whether the ambient temperature of the broiler cage equipment is appropriate, and can understand the comfort level of the chicken group according to whether the chickens eat, drink, sing, and mental state are normal. It is even necessary to observe and evaluate the broiler cage equipment, feel the smell in the broiler cage equipment, and whether the temperature is suitable.

In order to ensure the proper temperature of the broiler cage equipment, our company proposes the following effective solutions:

First, ensure that the temperature of the chicken house is controllable and the temperature difference between the broiler cage equipment is less than 3 °C, and the negative pressure value of the broiler cage equipment is controlled within the normal range, and the day and night temperature control operation is automatically realized to achieve relatively stable temperature. To reduce heat stress, prevent the occurrence of epidemics, and give full play to the production potential of breeders.

The second is to cool down the chickens at night, so that the breeder can accumulate excessive heat during the day and lose it at night to improve the production performance during the day. The temperature controller can be set to ensure the continuous operation of the fan. Enhance the sense of responsibility of the night shift staff, and do a good job in the temperature record. (It should be noted that when the temperature difference between day and night in early summer and early autumn is large, the temperature at night should be paid attention to the size of the air inlet at the water curtain, and if necessary, the mixed ventilation mode and the minimum ventilation ventilation mode should be turned on.)

Third, customers can develop their own ventilation and cooling scheme according to their own conditions. The broiler cage equipment will maintain a normally open fan in the summer, and increase the number of fan opening according to the temperature. If the fan is turned on, it is found that the chicken is breathing. If there is no wet curtain, consider spraying the water on the ground, the wall, and opening the wet curtain with a wet curtain. Be careful not to drop the temperature too much.

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