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How To Strengthen The Daily Feeding Management Of Broiler Cages
Jul 31, 2018

Feeding broiler cages is an indispensable item for chicken farmers every day. It is also an important matter for chicken farmers. It not only reduces the incidence of diseases, but also achieves great economic benefits. So, in daily life, how do farming users strengthen the management of broiler cage feeding? The following small series will introduce you to the following:

First of all, the most important thing for farmers should pay attention to. When the temperature of the broiler cage is too low, the chickens scream and gather. When the temperature is too high, the chickens are scattered and have a wheezing. The temperature is suitable for the chickens to be evenly distributed. It is also possible to use a combination of a thermometer and a sense to determine if the temperature is suitable. The optimum temperature can give the maximum benefit of the feed. Too low a temperature can easily cause respiratory illness and death in chickens.

Secondly, keep the broiler cage dry, the drinking water system should be checked frequently, the water drinker should not leak water and overflow water. It is better to use the straw to make the litter during the brooding period, which is more dry and is conducive to raising the temperature; the medium and large chicken stage temperature should be lower than 18 °C. Thick padding to increase the temperature.

Except for the broiler cage, air circulation should be maintained to keep the air fresh. If harmful gases or dust in the air can affect the health of the chicken, it may cause respiratory diseases and even death. In the winter, when using coal stove for heat preservation, a large amount of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are generated. Therefore, ventilation should be carried out without lowering the normal room temperature, and the content of harmful gases and dust in the house should be reduced.

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