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Installation Of Chicken Manure Treatment Equipment
Dec 06, 2018

Chicken manure must be fermented and decomposed sufficiently before it is applied. The parasites and eggs in chicken manure, as well as some infectious pathogens, are inactivated during the decomposition process. We put chicken manure into the fermentation tank of agricultural and animal husbandry wastes, and then add compound functional microbial agents in proportion to ensure that chicken manure can be fully fermented and decomposed, the fermentation cycle is 7-12 days. Because chicken manure produces high temperature in the process of decomposition, it is easy to cause nitrogen loss. Therefore, we should add appropriate amount of calcium before decomposition, and the fertilizer efficiency will be better after decomposition, so as to ensure that it can be fully absorbed by crops and greatly improve the internal quality of crops and fertilizer utilization rate.


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