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Lead The Villagers To Raise Chickens To Become Rich
Dec 25, 2018

Careful management and successful entrepreneurship

Zhu Chuanyin is a member of Zhu Temple group from Zhupu Village, Baihat Town. He is a thin, medium-sized man with a shrewd and capable body. After graduating from junior high school in 1991, Zhu Chuanyin, 16, went to Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province to work in a ceramic tile factory. In 1999, he learned that his hometown could develop aquaculture, returned to his hometown decisively, bought a book on aquaculture in the bookstore, and began a hard career in entrepreneurship.

"In the early stage of business, I had no place, no money, and depended on myself to read books and learn how to breed knowledge. I could only take one step at a time and strive to make every step steady." Zhu Chuanyin said. In order to try a variety of farming, he has also planted greenhouse vegetables, goats, rabbits, pigeons, colorful pheasants. Eventually, he chose to raise local chickens.

However, the early pioneering breeding road is not very smooth, just to explore the point of access to the "SARS" in 2003, and then encountered the "avian influenza" in 2004. "Those two years were a great blow to the breeders. The chickens not only could not be sold, but also were infected with plague, and the chickens died in batches." Zhu Chuanyin recalled.

Starting a business can not be achieved overnight, the key is to persevere with heart. "I never look at the amount of money in my business. I only look at the proportion of sales and expenditure every day. If it's growing, then it's still progressing, which will give me confidence." With this optimistic attitude and perseverance, Zhu Chuanyin has devoted himself to raising chickens day after day, year after year, creating a breeding scale from raising 300 local chickens in 1999 to raising more than 10,000 adult chickens this year.

Today, he has a mountain farm of 50 mu and nearly 10,000 local chickens. He has not only set up local chicken stores in County towns, but also established stable cooperative partnerships with businesses such as Wuhan and Hefei. The total annual output is about 100,000, with annual sales of more than 1 million yuan.

Selfless help and common prosperity

Located at the foot of Yangjiaojian Mountain, Zhu Chuanyin began to sell green and pollution-free turkeys and eggs under the name of "White Cap Yangjiaojian Turkey", and registered Yangjiaojiaojian Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. In recent years, sheep horn point Turkey has been well known. He usually pays attention to the quality of products, even if the market is out of stock, he will never pretend to be other eggs.

In addition to the honesty and loyalty of their fathers and brothers, the three left two uncles unmarried and childless. The uncle was 65 years old, the second uncle was 57 years old, and a 42-year-old brother was still unmarried. Zhu Chuanyin took care of them. Over the past decade, a family of eight depended on the chicken industry, according to the family management mode of distribution according to needs and doing their best, and lived a prosperous life, so that one person could really start a business and the whole family could find employment.

In 2012, Zhu Chuanyin established Yuexi Zhulin Bay local chicken farming professional cooperative, registered the trademark "Yangjiaojiangjian", and the cause officially entered the right track. Zhu Chuanyin said, "I don't have a teacher to teach me. I rely on self-study. Once you fail, you accumulate experience. For 15 years, I have been groping for the experience of farming in this way.

"Zhu Chuanyin and I have been learning chicken farming technology for more than a year. He often says that"do anything, do a good job first, this is the most basic way to do business, which inspires me deeply." Following Zhu Chuanyin to learn chicken farming technology, Liu Jianshen, a Gufang fellow, said. Today, he uses his entrepreneurial experience to drive more than 30 farmers in and around the county, ranging from thousands to hundreds, so as to drive one, support one and succeed one.

Poverty Alleviation and Poverty Relief and Public Welfare Enthusiasm

In peacetime leisure time, Zhu Chuanyin actively promotes his hometown and devotes himself to public welfare undertakings by using the net name "my wife who sells chickens".

It is understood that he not only takes good care of several uncles at home, but also supports Zhu Jiuhe, a 70-year-old orphan and widowed old man in the village, until the end of his retirement; collects thousands of yuan of donations online and offline for the patients with renal failure in the village, which has won the unanimous praise of the local people; in 2001, he led the villagers to Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences to get acquainted with professors, and returned home to plant early-maturing pears in the south, which now yields 5000 kg per mu More than 10,000 yuan, let a poor family embark on the road to wealth.

In 2012, Zhu Chuanyin joined the Yuexi Volunteer Union and traveled through the rural lanes in the spare time of doing business, feeling the warmth and coldness of the disadvantaged groups. "Although each donation is not much money, it represents a love. Sometimes, the amount of love in society can make a poor family see hope." Zhu Chuanyin said.

Over the years, Zhu Chuanyin has always adhered to the aquaculture industry and participated in public welfare. "I always feel that burning incense in the distance is better than keeping virtue in the near place. I feel very enriched to do more meaningful things to society and to help those who need help with their own meagre strength." Zhu Chuanyin said.

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