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Make Money From Fermented Chicken Manure
Dec 02, 2018

Compared with the direct sale of chicken manure, the profits after manufactured organic fertilizer can be significantly improved. Li Hailin, head of organic fertilizer farm of Heshan Xugang Huang Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., said that without calculating depreciation of equipment, the auxiliary materials, electricity and labor costs needed for the production of organic fertilizer per ton would be about 500 yuan, and the selling price would be 800-1000 yuan, with a profit of 300-500 yuan per ton. If raw chicken manure is sold directly, the price is only about 100 yuan/ton.

Although composting is not very difficult, to build a large-scale, industrialized organic fertilizer farm and achieve stable profits requires a certain investment cost. It is understood that Xugang Huang Organic Fertilizer Farm was built and put into operation in 2008, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of organic fertilizer. The whole organic fertilizer farm covers 11 mu, with a total investment of more than 2 million yuan.

In addition to investment costs, marketing is also a major problem for organic fertilizer farms. Li Hailin said that because farmers'demand for organic fertilizer is unstable, they can only "fix production by selling", that is, according to customer demand for production. In addition, the quality of organic fertilizers on the market is not uniform at present. If the organic fertilizer with incomplete fermentation is purchased, chicken manure will continue to ferment in the soil, which will cause economic disputes easily. Therefore, in the case of market chaos, the products produced on a large scale often have more competitive advantages because of their stable quality.

Our company produces manure fermentation equipment, which combines chicken manure and fermentation bacteria, reflux material and biomass produced in chicken farm according to a certain proportion, uses the activity of microorganisms to decompose and decompose the organic matter of chicken manure, decomposes the material into organic fertilizer, which is used to produce organic fertilizer, and ultimately realizes the resource utilization of chicken manure.

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