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Modern Chicken Farming Is In Fashion
Nov 21, 2018

At 6 in the morning, Lao Tao went straight to the chicken house and began to observe the chicken and check his body. "Chuckle..." In the 800 square meter chicken house, 6000 chickens are playing with their heads on their heads. "Time waits for no man." Lao Tao busily told reporters that in more than 10 days, these chickens will be on the market, hoping to have a good price.

"Come and have breakfast, and you will have breakfast before the chicken, ha ha ha..." The laughter of my wife came from the kitchen. Lao Tao Bian sipped his chicken and laughed. "I don't want to eat late. They can't wait." Perhaps there was a tacit understanding with the owner. When I heard the sound of preparing food, the chickens were eager. When the door of the enclosure was opened, hundreds of chickens flocked out, and the light cars rushed all the way to the food trough for food. The scene was happy. Lao Tao joked and said, "like chicken, people must be diligent and have the chance to succeed."

Feeding, watering, ventilation... Such a process is like an equation in Lao Tao's mind. "Chicken houses must not relax their hygiene and food." Lao Tao talked about his many years of doorways. These two days, taking advantage of the good weather, as long as they are free, Lao Tao and his wife rush to corn, soybean meal, vitamins and other chicken ingredients to ensure "chicken baby" food. "Each chicken eats 4 or two of the food per meal and drinks 8 or two water. That's the best way to eat. "

This year is the Year of the Chicken. Speaking of 26 years of insensitive friendship with the Chicken, Lao Tao felt a little sad: "When people say they don't believe it, these chickens are like my children. They were alive and dancing, and I was all smiles; they were sick and I was depressed. Over the years, Lao Tao has experienced the golden age of raising chickens, and has also experienced the horror of roller coaster. "I've said many times that I won't raise any chickens, but after a few days, I've caught new chickens and I can't get rid of addiction." Lao Tao laughed and said that due to the impact of avian influenza and supply and demand, last year, he raised five batches of chickens with average profits of 70,000 yuan a year.

"After selling these chickens, we will start to disinfect them completely and welcome the next batch of chicken babies. This year, we plan to raise 30,000 chickens. After investigation, we decide to use modern High Elasticity Layer Chicken Equipment produced by QINLE  company." Looking at the happy chickens, Lao Tao is full of confidence and energy.

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