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Money Flies Out Of The Chicken Farm
Dec 21, 2018

Dong Shuyun, a 60-year-old farmer entrepreneur, was originally a housewife in Ertaizi Village, Yemaotai Town, Faku County. In the 1980s, she couldn't resist the poverty brought by the wind and sand in her hometown and came to the town to set up a stall. Later, he went to the county town to raise cars for transportation, and at the same time, he raised a straw beaver, which lasted for five years. These five years lost all the money he had earned in business in the past. The failure of entrepreneurship did not knock down this strong woman, she paid a smile: everything from scratch! As she planted the land and studied the market, she finally took a fancy to the project of raising eggs. She was so popular in the village that she soon spent 9,000 yuan on 500 chickens.

Dong Shuyun did not know the technology, so he turned to study. The chickens not only recovered the cost, but also made 2000 yuan. Under her meticulous feeding, the chicken farm drives on the fast lane. Up to now, it has grown from 500 chickens to 200,000, laying 3,260 tons of eggs per year, annual sales of more than 15 million yuan, net profit of more than 2 million yuan. It has really become a well-known "commander" of chickens far and near.

Dong Shuyun, who never forgot his fellow countrymen, took the lead in setting up "Faku County Shuyun Layer Professional Cooperative" and "Faku County Layer Breeding Association", which successively absorbed 102 members to invest in stocks. She often said that one person is not rich, but everyone is rich. She offered to reduce the share fees of 44 disabled people. Each member invests 5,000 yuan in stock, and the company alone spends 220,000 yuan. She also pays 35 members (22 of whom are disabled). But she saves herself and herself. Whether she goes to county meetings or sells all over the country, she always carries her own dry food and boiled water in her bag. The villagers said that she had everybody in her heart, but she had no herself.

At the beginning of 2008, Dong Shuyun reviewed the experience and lessons of chicken farming in the past 10 years. He felt that although his products had the "green label" certification and had a good market, they did not have obvious product characteristics. She worked hard to develop "selenium-rich" eggs. At Liaoning International Agricultural Products Expo, her "selenium-rich" eggs became a hot commodity. Wang Haiyun, Director of Trademark Department of County Industrial and Commercial Bureau, helped her successfully register the trademark of "Xinfeng Brand Selenium-rich Egg". It also handled the certification mark of green pollution-free products for the egg and feed factories. Selenium-rich eggs won the Gold Prize of "Yurun Cup" in Liaoning (Shenyang) International Agricultural Exposition.

As the saying goes, people gather firewood and fire. Dong Shuyun's famous chicken "Commander" and "Golden Phoenix" from village to town reached the level that nobody knows, nobody knows; Xinfeng brand selenium-rich eggs, "Xinfeng" brand silly eggs, "Xinfeng" brand pollution-free eggs, white chicken and other products are sold all over the country. Businessmen from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places have come in succession and established long-term cooperative relations with Dong Shuyun; Shenyang Xinglong Family, supermarkets and agricultural markets have established direct sales offices. Selenium-rich eggs and chicken are becoming reliable and inseparable health food for consumers.

Dong Shuyun said, "If you sail against the current, you will go backwards!" We are confident that Xinfeng products will spread all over the country and go to the world.

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