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Mrs Liu‘s Story Of Getting Rich By Laying Hens
Nov 21, 2018

Find the right way, find out the market and take the lead in getting rich.

In the laying hen farm, the author saw two spacious farms, sitting north to south, ventilated and transparent, very suitable for farming, each farm is about 80 meters long and 10 meters wide. After disinfection, I entered the chicken farm with the staff. The laying hens are laying eggs and resting. The newly laid eggs are hot and scattered on the shelves. They are very spectacular. At this time, the author met Liu Fengling, a strong woman busy loading eggs, wearing simple work clothes, with a happy smile on her face at all times.

Referring to the development process of farms, Liu Fengling has endless bitterness and bitterness. "Eight years ago, the village thought that if rural areas want to be rich, it is not feasible to develop planting industry alone, or to develop industry as the core, multi-mode development to increase income, in order to achieve overall poverty alleviation, so we thought of developing farming industry and helping farmers increase. The way to get rich is to let the masses bravely step out of this step. As a village cadre, I take the lead in raising laying hens, so that the masses can see that it can get rich. "

So Liu Fengling began to raise layers. Ning Zhonghua, a professor at Beijing University of Science and Technology, was invited to give her guidance on laying hen farming technology. She also subscribed to the Guide to Getting Rich and the newspapers and magazines of Laying Hen Farming to "charge" herself privately. In 2007, a farm covering 1,700 square meters was built, and her farming career has taken the first step since then. Knowing that Nongda No. 3 breed of laying hens eats less and lays more eggs, it is more suitable for breeding. In February 2008, she went to Yuncheng to buy 10,000 chickens, and the breeding work went smoothly. After rearing, the laying rate of chickens is over 90%. On average, more than 9000 eggs can be laid every day. Sales of surrounding areas as well as Xuzhou, Anhui, Henan and other places, each adult chicken sold for 10 yuan a year, and the laying farm could earn at least 200,000 yuan a year. Seeing Liu Fengling's success, the villagers followed her example and sought her advice on farming experience. She inexhaustibly imparted her experience to others and shared her marketing channels, which led 25 villagers such as Hu Fu-chang to grow rich together.

"Technology keeps pace with people's perseverance."

In the process of laying hens, Liu Fengling did not forget to learn new knowledge and techniques of raising chickens. Through learning and communication, she introduced an automatic feeding equipment for laying hens. The equipment began to work after the completion of feed processing. Through feed conveyor belt, feed was directly conveyed to each henhouse from the feed processing workshop. Then, through feeding equipment, it was put in front of each laying hen. It saves time and effort to ensure that the laying hens are more scientific and rational.

"Establishment of farms, in addition to strengthening feeding and epidemic control, good environmental control can not be ignored." Liu Fengling said that with the expansion of the scale of farming, the excrement treatment of laying hens is particularly important. To this end, she built a biogas digester, which is free for nearby farmers to use, and biogas slurry as fertilizer is also free for farmers to use.

No pains, no gains. During the years of raising, Liu Fengling has a unique experience in laying hen farming. She told the author that in the process of laying hen farming, we must take care of and observe more, and do a good job of epidemic prevention and control in time. Another point is to insist that even if the market price of eggs dropped dramatically, Liu Fengling never thought of giving up. She insisted on grinding her teeth and guaranteeing to supply eggs to customers for many years, thus occupying a place in the market.

"Common development, getting rid of poverty and getting rich, heading for happiness".

In recent years, because Liu Fengling's farming technology is too hard, coupled with the unique pollution-free feeding method, the egg produced is smooth and transparent, the yolk is flexible, the nutritional value is high, the market is in short supply, and there are stable customer groups and sales channels.She find 50000 chickens layer chicken cage produced by QINLE is the best choice for her to get more profits.She firmly believes that fully automated farming equipment can lead villagers to become rich together.

At present, under the guidance of the layer industry, villagers have joined the farming industry. When asked about the development of laying hens, Liu Fengling was full of confidence. It is believed that with the rise of laying hen industry and the gradual improvement of economic benefits, more farmers in the town will be promoted to raise chickens to become rich and go to the road of happiness.

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