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Poor Families Raise Chickens To Widen Their Wealth
Nov 21, 2018

Chen Changshan, a 48-year-old poverty-stricken villager in the tiled house group of Rupan Village in Chengguan Street, died of diabetes last year. During the treatment of his mother's illness, Chen Changshan spent all his family's savings. His father was 74 years old and needed to be cared for all the year round. His daughter was away from home and could not be cared for beside her because she had no experience. Ji source, Chen Changshan and his father's life to live quite a headache.

After Shangnan County implemented the precise poverty alleviation in an all-round way, the supporting cadres of various units helped actively. Many poor households, taking into account their own conditions, developed small industries such as edible fungi, fruit trees and aquaculture according to local conditions with the help of the county's "four borrowings and four returns" policy, and their incomes increased to varying degrees. Seeing that the quality of life of the fellow townsmen has improved significantly, Chen Changshan is also planning to work together. With the support and help of Baofu cadres, Chen Changshan applied for a 50,000 yuan discount loan to "fight against poverty" to build chicken houses, buy local chickens and earn income by selling local eggs. In the case that the hardware facilities and breeding technology are not yet up to the standard, the Baofu cadres meticulously provided Chen Changshan with a large number of books and materials on farming. They handed on the farming technology by hand and learned from other people's successful experience. Now Chen Changshan's farming base has eight 160 square meters of chicken houses, with 1,000 local chickens in stock. "Feeding + free feeding" model, thousands of chickens leisurely in 1000 mu of slopes to feed, "eat Chinese herbal medicine, drink is the spring water", so the quality of native eggs is very high, net annual income of more than 40,000 yuan.

Chen Changshan, who tasted sweet, was not satisfied with the status quo. He bought a batch of breeding geese. He planned to increase the number of geese by hatching and further increase his income by selling eggs. He excitedly told us that in the next few years, he planned to expand the chicken house area to another 200 square meters, increase the number of chickens and geese to 5000 and 400 respectively, and at the same time, he would pass on his experience to other poor families in the village, so as to help them get out of poverty and 

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