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Precautions For Laying Hens In Cage
Oct 30, 2018

It's very helpful to spread feed on crepe paper in the first few days. Hours after the chicken arrives, check the chicken's crop to make sure that they are eating. Chickens need some time to get used to nipple drinkers, so it is recommended to use auxiliary drinkers, should avoid excessive water pressure caused by nipple drinkers leakage phenomenon. Check whether chickens can get feedstuffs and drinking water at any time.

Special attention should be paid to the need to add water dispensers to each container; to provide sufficient light to ensure that the dispenser is clearly visible; to ensure that the humidity reaches 60% to avoid dehydration of the chickens; to ensure that the chickens are at a suitable temperature at a high level; to postpone the first feeding of the chickens for 2-3 hours after arrival, so that the chickens can drink enough water first; and to ensure that the laying hens can drink enough water. In captivity, it is difficult for chickens to move freely to their comfortable place. They must be carefully taken care of to provide them with a uniform and suitable room temperature.

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