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Predictions Of Layer Market In The Next Year
Dec 03, 2018

In 2017, the price of eggs was shocked unprecedentedly, and the price of eggs was pitifully low. Owing to financial pressure, laying hen farmers have reduced their production capacity or opted out of the breeding industry. However, the excessive reduction in production capacity has also led to a sustained rise in egg prices this year. In 2018, with the continued recovery of egg prices, farmers gradually entered the market, and production capacity also gradually recovered.

It is understood that before April this year, the production of laying hens was still at a historic low, and in May, the production of laying hens exceeded the average of nearly three years. From May to now, the price of eggs is basically on the rise, so the price has gradually increased. And it shows a trend of rapid growth. According to the current momentum, if not stop, then while the production capacity is steadily increasing, the market supply of eggs will probably be excessive. At present, egg production has been at a high level, and in the next few months, with the disappearance of the festival halo, prices will gradually decline. In addition, the reserve chickens that farmers supplemented in the first few months will lay eggs one after another, so the market will only increase the supply of eggs will not decrease.

Under the current egg price, even if the price of eggs declined in the next few months, I am afraid it will not say that the sharp drop in the current price led to the loss of farmers, it can also be said that there will not be many farmers opt out of the breeding industry. Today, the price trend for next year will largely depend on the number of additional columns in the next few months of this year.

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