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Prevention Of Calcium And Phosphorus Deficiency In Poultry
Oct 03, 2018

Use full price diet, pay attention to calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D content, as well as calcium and phosphorus ratio. The bone meal purchased should be analyzed for calcium and phosphorus, the serum alkaline phosphatase activity and free hydroxyline should be determined periodically to monitor the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, and preventive measures should be taken as soon as possible; the pigeons should pay attention to feeding management before weaning and leaving the nest, and the pigeons should be taught to forage early, not suddenly weaning.

Captive poultry should be given sufficient sunlight, or regular ultraviolet lamp irradiation (distance about 1-1.5 meters, time about 5-15 minutes), or feeding fish liver oil or vitamin D3 supplementation; diet should be adjusted immediately after the onset of disease, young and young poultry should increase dietary bone meal or calcium defluorophosphate, the amount increased by 0.5-1 times than normal, and the proportion. Appropriate, continuous feeding for 2 weeks, after the return to normal poultry feed to normal; laying poultry mainly increase calcium, such as stone powder, and pay attention to vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C and other complex vitamin addition, eggs and eggshell hardness to return to normal after feeding normal feed. The ratio of calcium and phosphorus in laying hens was 6.5: 1, and the chicks were 2.2: 1.

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