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Prevention Of Respiratory Diseases In Chickens
Oct 01, 2018
  1. Chicken farmers want to control the disease of chicken's respiratory tract, first of all from the root, that is, to choose high-quality chicken seedlings. If you incubate your own chicken, do a good job of immune inoculation and a series of hatching safeguards; if you buy chicken, choose those guaranteed providers of chicken eggs without disease infection hatching chicken eggs.

2. Chicken farmers should do a good job in chicken vaccination related vaccines, such as transmission vaccine, throat vaccine, infectious bursa of Fabricius vaccine, infectious rhinitis vaccine and so on. These kinds of vaccines can effectively prevent mycoplasma from invading chickens, which can greatly reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases in chickens.

3, raising chickens in the normal course of raising chickens to do a good job in raising management. Feeding management is an important task for any farmer, especially for the prevention and control of chicken respiratory diseases. It is very important to do a good job in winter cold and warm, while providing appropriate ventilation to ensure that the air is smooth and fresh.

4, farmers should strictly prevent chickens from being stressed. Chickens are very timid animals. A big cough in a henhouse may frighten the flocks of chickens to death. Therefore, stress prevention and control is very important for chicken farmers. For chicken respiratory diseases, the stresses that need attention are environmental stress, that is, stress caused by temperature, sound, ventilation; physiological stress, that is, stress caused by hormone secretion deficiency; diagnosis and treatment stress, that is, stress caused by vaccination or medication; and so on. These are all very important to induce chicken respiratory diseases. Important reasons.

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