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Raising Chicken Is Not Really That Easy
Sep 28, 2018

I believe there is a certain cyclical chicken market, high and low alternately appear, low when few people pay attention to, high horse after horse. With the author's experience, when the chicken market is bad, the chicken door is cold in front of the door. When the chicken market is good, the chicken seedlings are very busy, deposits to buy chicken seedlings, many people buy chicken seedlings, a lot of money, money and space, a start to build laying hen farm 56,000 or even tens of thousands, or even more, to build a broiler farm can raise tens of thousands or even more. After detailed inquire of the situation, I always pour a cold water on it first: do not intervene in raising chickens, you have to pay for it. After explaining clearly, many people rejected the plan of raising chickens. Why do I always pour cold water on it first?              Because not everyone is suitable for raising chickens, chicken breeders must be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, careful, good at learning, observation and accumulation of experience, and can persevere, have determination, confidence, perseverance. No matter what the market is, we must stick to it. If you give up when you are in a low valley, you must be a loss maker when you see the good market.

         At first, chickens should not be eager for quick success and instant benefits. In the absence of experience and inadequate reserve funds, chickens can not be raised too much, because changes in the environment and feeding methods prone to stress, stress can reduce immunity, may lead to disease outbreaks and epidemics, causing great losses. In addition, from raising chickens to producing benefits, there must be a process. There must be enough funds to ensure this period. So it's best to grow from less to more.

         We must choose excellent varieties. Good breed is the premise of producing good group, only good group can produce higher benefit. Good quality broiler seedlings grow fast, strong disease resistance, resulting in higher benefits than the general chicken seedlings, laying chicken seedlings are also the same, good quality laying chicken seedlings have strong disease resistance, laying green high.

We should be good at asking experienced people to learn from each other's strengths. Three people must have my teacher. Maybe someone else's little experience will bring you unexpected gains.

        Attention should be paid to collecting information so as to facilitate adjustment of population and formulate production plans.

        To organize or join cooperatives or associations. If the scale is large, it can conclude purchase contracts with processing enterprises, ensure that the drought and waterlogging are guaranteed, and earn steadily.

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