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Raising Chickens In Barren Hills Makes Millions
Nov 28, 2018

Su Zhenfang is famous for her quick temper, but she told reporters that she was angry not because she lost more than a dozen chickens, but because of carelessness of employees. For products and employees, Su Zhenfang has always been strict, and it is with this tremendous momentum that she turned this desert hill, which was originally sandstone, into a treasure trough. These local chickens and eggs can bring more than 8 million yuan of sales revenue every year. Despite her short temper, Su Zhenfang was admired by her staff and local villagers.

Sun Chengfu, a villager from Daxiazhuang Village, Tieshan Street Office, Huangdao District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province: It's amazing to have the ability and courage to do a good job.Everyone's mouth, such a hot woman to do a career, when talking about her husband, but crying eyes.

Su Zhenfang: My husband said this to me. I have never lost face in my life. You have lost all my old face to me. This is what Zhenger Ba Jing said. So I am very grateful to him. I really appreciate him. It was really hard and bitter at that time. At that time, I really wanted to give up a lot of time, do not want to do, but finally think or not.

What's going on behind this? How did Su Zhenfang achieve her dream of wealth in this barren mountain called "Iron Mountain"?

Su Zhenfang's hometown is Xichong County, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province. After her father's death in 1988, 15-year-old Su Zhenfang left home with her relatives and came to Dongying, Shandong Province, to work part-time in Shengli Oilfield. In 1994, Su Zhenfang opened a restaurant in Dongying. She longed for a career and a better life.

Sister Su Lingfang: What does she say? Life is not like us, just live a comfortable life, just eat and drink enough. She just wants to create something, she always wants to do something human, and then what? Let's just say it's not worth living.

By 1998, Su Zhenfang's restaurant was very popular. She had saved 800,000 yuan. This year, Su Zhenfang got married. This is her husband, Wang Xiaochuan, 16 years older than Su Zhenfang. Wang Xiaochuan is mature and considerate, which gives Su Zhenfang a sense of security.

Su Zhenfang: I have conditions. Guess what conditions?

Husband Wang Xiaochuan: I wash your feet twice, too.

Su Zhenfang: No, I don't.

Husband Wang Xiaochuan: You can enjoy it if you want, but you can't.

In March 2007, the first batch of 3000 chicken seedlings arrived, and Su Zhenfang took care of them like a child. In 2008, Su Zhenfang's local chicken finally came out. From the beginning, Su Zhenfang was confident in her native chickens and eggs, and did not worry about selling them at all. She set up a sales team to sell in various shops in Qingdao. Because Su Zhenfang's chickens are fed with pure grain, only 50 yuan for an ordinary chicken and 5 yuan for a catty of eggs on the market, while Su Zhenfang's native chickens are sold for 100 yuan and 12 yuan for a catty of eggs. However, because of its lack of popularity and relatively high price, it only sold more than 2,000 yuan in a week.

Now, in Su Zhenfang's base, the scale of farming has reached 30,000 local chickens, and five farming households have been developed, with a total stock of 80,000. Annual sales of more than 8 million yuan, Su Zhenfang has become a well-known local rich and talented person.

Xu Liangjin, Director of Agricultural Service Center of Tieshan Street Office, Huangdao District, Qingdao City: (Su Zhenfang's) Chicken Farm enriched the basket of vegetables of Huangdao (district) and even the residents of Qingdao City, stimulated the enthusiasm of local farmers for undergrowth farming, solved part of the surplus labor force and increased the income of local farmers.

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