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Raising Crowned Chickens To Become Rich
Dec 04, 2018

Chicken farming "old line" let her open the door to wealth again

Chen Rongxiang is a person who likes to talk and laugh. In fact, behind her brilliance, she is full of ups and downs. She used to be engaged in timber cutting and fireplace shelf making in the mountains, earning more than 100,000 yuan a year, and living a fairly good life. In 2013, due to a batch of modern heating equipment in Hubei entered the local market, the business of fireplace shelves suddenly faded, and thousands of completed fireplace shelves became unsalable products. More than 100,000 yuan was lost.


Because Chen Rongxiang had a history of raising chickens and pigs for more than ten years at her mother's house, she decided to do her "old line" of raising eggs. However, her husband and children strongly opposed her. The reason was that the breeding industry was expensive, risky, laborious and time-consuming, and could not afford to serve. However, Chen Rongxiang is a stubborn temper. He will stick to what he knows right. Despite the opposition of her family, she rented a 50-acre hillside in the back hill as a breeding ground and began to implement her business plan. Here the air is fresh, the environment is beautiful, there are more than thousands of trees growing for many years, as well as fruit trees, lush vegetation. More than 2000 crowned chickens and silly chickens ran around under the trees. Last year, Chen Rongxiang's farm sales amounted to more than 500,000 yuan, with a net income of more than 200,000 yuan. Guanzhen chicken and silly chicken have large yolk and good taste, which are favored by consumers. Guanzhen chicken is nutritious and has a good market. At present, a large hotel in Huaihua City is planning to cooperate with Chen Rongxiang in a joint venture. The other party invests in it. She is responsible for raising and divides it into 46 parts.


"Raising chickens is my career, my life"

What saddens Chen Rongxiang most is that her husband doesn't understand her. Last year, she invested 800,000 yuan in building houses, chicken houses, drilling wells, transformers and strengthening the infrastructure of farms. The husband thought that she would not live, and investing 800,000 yuan was just throwing money away. It was distressing, so he resolutely divorced her. The children knew from TV that the situation of avian influenza was serious, so they advised her not to keep it, but she did not give up. "Raising chickens is my career, my life, all the hope of my life, never give up." She preached.

Chen Rongxiang introduced that the farm is located at the foot of the mountain, densely forested, remote location, often visited by badger pigs and weasels, crowned chickens were frightened, in order to avoid disturbance, had to flee to the tree to live, did not expect to hit the right side, they both avoided the invasion of natural enemies, but also exercised their muscles and bones. The muscle fibers of Guanzhen chicken produced here are strong, and the meat tendons have chewing heads. There is absolutely no tender bone like that of broiler chicken, which chews like wood.

At present, the market prospect of Guanzhen chicken is very good, and with the enhancement of people's health awareness, this kind of free-range Guanzhen chicken is becoming more and more popular. In her mind, the road to wealth is wider and wider.

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