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Reasons For The High Cost Of Chicken Cage Raising Mode
Feb 06, 2019

1. Chicken cage equipment adopts multi-layer cage culture, that is to say, chicken cage culture is not as good as single-layer cage culture. Now the multi-layer three-dimensional cage culture has three layers, four layers or even more layers. Hence, using chicken cage culture can raise three or four times more number of laying broiler chickens than other flat culture methods, and increase the area utilization ratio of chicken cage, and increase the number of laying broiler chickens. Additionally, the income of farmers will naturally be much higher than before.

2. Since it is a multi-layer chicken cage, it must be raised off the ground. The area above the chicken house is also used. After the chicken manure is produced, the chicken in the cage will fall on the ground or on the conveyor belt. The chickens do not contact the feces directly, which reduces the diseases caused by fecal infection and naturally improves the quality and treatment of the laying broilers. The cost of disease treatment makes it possible for chickens to grow more vigorously and leave the market much earlier, thus increasing benefits.

3. There is also the use of chicken cages for laying broilers, which live in chicken cages for a long time, and the feeding density is relatively high, so there is little room for chicken activities, less energy consumption of broilers will be reduced, the need for feed will be reduced, and cage breeding can effectively save feed costs by more than 20%.

4. In addition, it will be more convenient for the breeders to put the eggs and broilers in the cage equipment for breeding, drinking water and feeding. The breeders can save a lot of time to manage the chickens and deal with other things, so as to improve the labor efficiency of the breeders.

5. The key point is the quality of chicken cage equipment. Chicken cage equipment can not be used once. Generally, chicken cage equipment manufactured by factories can be used for more than ten years. Dajia chicken cages all use hot-dip galvanizing technology, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, and have a service life of 15-20 years. They can breed numerous groups of chickens for farmers, so the farmers are in the market. When calculating the cost of chicken cage, don't put the cost of equipment on the first batch of chicken flocks. If we average it out, we will find that using chicken cage is more effective than other methods.

Automatic layer chicken equipment in West Asia may be the good choice than other equipments produced by other company.

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