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Resonable Control Of Chicken House Humidity And Saving Chickens
Sep 22, 2018

Air humidity is a physical quantity indicating the degree of air humidity, called "air humidity", abbreviated as "air humidity". Relative humidity is usually expressed as the ratio of the actual water pressure in the air to the saturated water pressure at the same temperature, expressed as a percentage. For chickens, the suitable relative humidity is 50%-70%, below 40% is low humidity, and higher than 80% is high humidity.

1.Reasonable adjustment of humidity.

1)The normal feeding environment should be high before and low after, but in actual production, many chicken farms are just the opposite, low before and high after.

2)Chickens are susceptible to respiratory diseases because of low humidity in the early stage. Through a large number of clinical observations, the occurrence of airbag inflammation and bronchial obstruction is closely related to low humidity in the early stage of chicken house.

2.Relative humidity affects the virus more than temperature. The virus with lipoprotein envelope is stable under low humidity condition and has a longer survival time. This is of great significance to the defense of viral infectious diseases in dry winter and spring seasons. In recent years, the incidence of viral epidemics in winter and spring is getting higher and higher, and the degree of harm is becoming increasingly serious. Humidity determines the amount of ventilation, and the volume of ventilation varies with the increase and decrease of humidity.

3.Causes of low humidity

If the ventilation system is not properly controlled and the ventilation volume is too large, the water vapor in the house will be taken away and the relative humidity of the air will be reduced.

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