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Sell Chicken Online To Become Rich
Nov 29, 2018

An idea, a momentum, two or three people, a rented house and an electric car are all Weizefeng's assets at the beginning of his start-up. "The most difficult time is to pay the rent, with only two or three hundred yuan in his pocket." But that hasn't stopped him from starting his own business, Weizefeng said.

For the definition of "good chicken", Weize Feng is very clear: in addition to good meat, taste and nutrition, the most important thing is that hormones or antibiotics should not be used in the whole process of chicken growth. To sell chickens well, we must first find good chickens that meet the requirements. Through friends'introduction, Weizefeng went to the market to inquire about various channels and sought chicken sources everywhere.

"We spent a lot of time looking for chickens. Look for chickens, but there is no car. Drive an electric car nearer and take a bus or borrow a friend's car farther. Wei Zefeng has visited more than 10 chicken farms in Shuikou, Ma'an, Huidong and Longmen of Huicheng District. Finally, three chicken farms in Guanyingge Town, Haoyi Town and Boluo County of Huicheng District have been selected as the "good chicken has" chicken source.

In December 2015, through cooperation with Tiandiyuan Fresh Store, the establishment of Wechat Group to provide online order service, "Good Chicken You" began trial operation. After a month of trial operation, the average daily sales of 7.5 chickens totally exceeded Weizefeng's expectations. "Our original estimate was to sell about 5 chickens a day." Through analysis, we found that returnees are an important source of sales: a customer buys one chicken almost every two days after tasting fresh food, and a pregnant customer buys eight chickens in a month, which strengthens his confidence in selling good chickens.

In March this year, Weizefeng's team signed an agreement with an investor in Huizhou, and obtained 500,000 yuan of seed investment. It completed personnel recruitment, office equipment acquisition, company registration, propaganda and so on, and the entrepreneurship project entered a new stage of development. "We hope to promote more farmers to raise good chickens, increase farmers'income and promote rural economic development through the"good chickens have"platform; at the same time, we hope that more people can eat safe and reassuring chickens." Wei Zefeng said confidently.

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