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Success By Raising Chickens
Dec 10, 2018

Bo Hou is a member of Chang'an community in Panlong Street, Yunyang County. He worked outside and raised chickens to stabilize him in his hometown.

"The market for eggs is getting better in 2011. I decided to start a chicken farm by myself. Now it seems that this decision is right." Pointing to his chicken farm, Pu Hou said, "Although the scale is small, the environment is good. There is an old well beside it to ensure the water supply of the chicken farm, and the highway has been built directly to the chicken farm entrance. It's 6 kilometers away from the county town. Customers can order by phone and deliver it in a short time.

After years of efforts, Pu Hou mastered the chicken-raising technology. Now his chicken farm produces more than 500 kilograms of eggs a day, mainly sold to supermarkets in Yunyang County, and the chicken industry is steadily on the rise.

"Last year, the market was the best. At its peak, eggs sold for 6.3 yuan a kilogram and earned more than 100,000 yuan. Last year's earnings exceeded those of the previous three years. After years of precipitation, I have become an expert in chicken farming. I have confidence in the market and chicken farming technology, so I have to continue to expand the scale of chicken farm and keep the chicken industry going. Pu Hou said.“I've made more money with the A type layer chicken cage made by the QINLE company. I'll continue to expand the scale of my farming. I heard that the 50000 chickens layer chicken cage made by the company can raise tens of thousands of chickens, and it's all automated equipment. It should make more money.”

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