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Ten Thousand Chickens Make One Million
Nov 27, 2018

Through site selection and understanding of the actual situation, he analyzed the advantages of himself and the environment. Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards in urban and rural areas, people have higher and higher ecological requirements for food. Eco-chicken and eco-egg are welcomed by people. The wasteland around Hongsi Village is clean and pollution-free, and the unique natural conditions are the ideal address for the construction of ecological chicken farm, and the investment of small ecological chicken farm is not much, the technical requirements are not high, and the local egg market sales are good. So in 2014, Ma Jiangong raised funds and built a free-range turkey breeding base. In order to save money, he started his own business. The chicken farm was soon built and the first batch of 5,000 chickens were acquired. But in the process of raising chickens, there are many unexpected problems. In order to raise chickens well, he invited technicians to the chicken farm for on-site guidance many times, and bought chicken technical books to learn breeding techniques. Through the renewal of feeding methods, under his careful feeding and careful care, the survival rate of chickens reached more than 95%. Over the past year, because the local chickens in his professional cooperative do not feed, and mainly feed on weeds and insects, the local eggs produced are of high nutritional value and pollution-free, which are favored by many consumers and have a very broad market.

Having mastered the scientific chicken raising technology and tasted the sweet stuff, he has expanded the scale of breeding this year. At present, he has raised more than 10,000 local chickens. According to the calculation of 100 yuan per piece, the annual income of this item alone can reach 1 million yuan, plus the income of local eggs, the income is quite good.

At the same time, Ma Jiangong did not forget his neighbours. He encouraged and guided them to join the ranks of ecological chicken farming through forestry land and capital. He always gave patiently counseling to the neighbours who went to the door to learn their lessons. Now many people in the village have joined the ranks of aquaculture. "There is no need to go far to get rich. The stage is at home!" This is what he often talks about.

Referring to Ma Jiangong's return to his hometown to start a business, the cadres and masses in the village all nodded their heads and praised him: "Ma Jiangong is a talented person in our village. We are short of such a rich leader in Hongsi Village. With industry, our good days are not far away!"

Through exploration and practice, Ma Jiangong found his own way to become rich and his fellow villagers. Speaking of his future plans, he said that next, he would work harder and devote more enthusiasm to the local chicken breeding industry, so that his ecological farm will continue to grow and grow, and lead more neighbors to the road of becoming rich!

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