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The Chicken House Became The Largest In The Local Place
Dec 07, 2018

"After graduating from high school, my parents and I were both working in Fuzhou. Later, my father suffered a stroke and had inconvenience in life. So we decided to go back to our hometown and start a business together." Lan Xiubin, 28, Lei Taochai's son, said that he was calling for the protection of the second water source in Fuzhou. As a pillar industry in the village, the pig farming industry was being shut down because of pollution problems, which made Lan Xiubin, who was seeking a way to make a living, very distressed.

Once upon a time, Lan Xiubin listened to villagers saying that the government encouraged the masses to breed chickens and ducks. "There is a bamboo forest in the back hill of my hometown. I am heartened to think of the scene of chickens and ducks playing and foraging in groups." Shortly afterwards, Lan Xiubin saw a program about raising chickens in the countryside in the CCTV Book of Getting Rich, which made Lan Xiubin more firm.

Because he had no experience, Lan Xiubin asked the professional chicken farmers in Minqing for advice. "Usually, he would also read books and charge on the Internet." In 2010, the Lei Taochai family returned to Dongyuan Ting Village, Huokou Township, built a simple chicken house of 70 square meters, introduced 500 chicken seedlings, and began the most primitive farming life in She Township.

The road to entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs

From a humble chicken house to the largest broiler farm in the county, Lei Taochai was very impressed by the ups and downs along the way: "As soon as the chicken had experience, his son started to raise ducks. In 2013, he bought more than 3,000 duck seedlings at one time, but due to insufficient water resources in the back hill, it was not conducive to the growth of ducks, losing nearly 100,000 yuan, and the first three years of efforts were nullified.

In order to encourage his son, Lei Taochai sold all the gold and silver jewelry as the cost of reinvestment. "This time we concentrate on raising chickens and bought 1000 chicken fry for 2 months." Lei Taochai told reporters that chicken houses need heat preservation. Before raising chickens every time, they are ready for heating stoves and three cars of firewood. "In order to keep the nursery at about 30 degrees Celsius, we have to make a fire 24 hours in a row for a month before the chickens can grow up safely."

"The hardest night in winter is to set the alarm clock in the middle of the night and add firewood to the stove every three hours." Lei Tao Chai said.

Chicken houses need to stay up late for heat preservation, and delivery door-to-door needs to stay up all night. "As soon as we receive the order, we start to pack it at 10 o'clock in the night and dock it with the distributor at 2 or 3 o'clock in the middle of the night to ensure that the other party does not miss the morning market." Lan Xiubin said that they often deliver goods to Ningde, Fuzhou and other places. The next morning, they dragged themselves home tired.

Build the largest chicken farm in the county

Years of hard work pay off. In 2014, Luoyuan encouraged the development of undergrowth economy and sent Lei Taochai 100,000 grants. "We used the money to renovate the chicken house and update the equipment." Lan Xiubin said that there are six chicken houses, three heat preservation rooms and one feed warehouse in the undergrowth economic farm, covering an area of more than 700 square meters. It is the largest broiler farm in Luoyuan County at present. "The bigger the chicken farm is, the bigger the farm is, the more often people come to inquire about the way to raise chickens."

"Our chickens run in the woods every day, eating natural grass and insects in the fields, which not only saves food, but also improves the quality of chicken." Lan Xiubin said that now the broiler market is stable, the supply exceeds the demand, many chickens have not yet grown up, was booked by merchants.

"At that time, the village changed production for environmental protection. Today, chicken manure in our chicken farm is purchased by vegetable and fruit farmers in Huokou and Rixi townships as fertilizer. Ecological chicken raising not only does not affect the environment, but also has additional income. Our village is located in a remote area. It's very difficult to make the ecological farming bigger and stronger. If the chicken farm can drive everyone to get rich together, it will be good! uuuuuuuuu Lan Xiubin said.

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