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The Hens Are Rare And The Market Is Considerable
Nov 14, 2018

1. laying hens and filling up. At present, the stock of laying hens is still on the low side. Farmers and traders generally believe that the situation of tight eggs will not be improved until the second half of next year. The chicken is relatively moderate, and accounts for most of the three hundred or four hundred days. Fewer chickens are to be eliminated, mainly due to the elimination of Mid Autumn Festival. There are more hurdles in the Mid Autumn Festival, and the young chickens will be opened after two months.

2. Aquaculture situation: In addition to strict environmental protection inspection in some areas, environmental protection in most areas is looser than last year, and some forbidden areas can also be cultured. But scattered households are no longer expanding. In the cost of breeding, red eggs are basically three yuan, and the cost of white eggs is relatively low, near 2.6. Layer breeds are mainly Hailan gray Hailan Brown noon golden phoenix, etc. After this Spring Festival, a group of laying hens who filled the fence appeared bursitis disease after entering the peak period, and the laying rate did not go up, but the situation is gradually improving.

3. Prediction of price trend: Most traders and breeders believe that the running range of egg price between now and Spring Festival is 3.5 to 4.5, the low point is near mid-November, and the high point is before Spring Festival.

Overall, the current environmental protection in Shandong Province is looser than last year, but it still restricts laying hens to supplement the fence, the overall stock of laying hens is still small, and the supply of eggs is tight. Egg market in the fourth quarter is not expected to be too bad compared with the same period last year. Future markets need to pay attention to the short-term impact of new laying hen production on spot prices at the end of November.Our company's Special Egg Cage For Farms can raise more  layer chickens and can create more profits for customers.

Major risks:

The bird flu epidemic led to insufficient consumption and a large number of young chickens to fill in the bad egg prices.

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